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" Online Graphics Generator" icon Online Graphics Generator

This site is a free online service that provides real-time creation of graphics. Users can generate customized images of text for logos, or customized bullets and buttons. The images are in JPEG or GIF format, and can be downloaded, without any copyright restrictions, for use on web pages.


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Ralph Westfall
Ralph Westfall (Faculty)
20 years ago
This site could be very helpful to people who want to create some nice graphics for their web pages, without having to learn how to use a graphics software package. The user can create images for logos based on customized text, in 21 different styles. Since the logo is created based on the user's inputs, there are no copyright restrictions on its use.

To create a logo, the user types in the desired text, selects the style, enters some information regarding size and background, and clicks a button. Within less than a minute, the logo is created, and can be immediately downloaded by the user.

The site can create customized buttons in six styles, with whatever text, color and size the user inputs. There is also a capability for creating images for bulleted lists. The user can select size options, color choices, surface effects, and light properties for the bullets.

Technical Remarks:

The images are held on the server for less than an hour after they are created. Therefore the user needs to download them soon after they are created.

The page said to use (Shift-)Click to download the created images, but I had to use right clicks with my mouse to download them to my PC.

Some of the image files may be relatively large, which could slow the load times for web pages.