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The Work Ethic Site

This web site provides a central resource for materials related to work ethic, affective work competencies, and employability skills for work force development. It is designed to serve both educators and human resource professionals. Available materials include on-line lessons for use in education and training, two self-scoring work ethic inventories, a history of work ethic, information about available work ethic curriculum materials, and links...

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Althea Alphonse
Althea Alphonse (Faculty)
10 years ago

The Work Ethic Site is a great introduction to the world of work.  The content was valid with useful models and resources.  The instruments and self-assessment tools were relevant and easy to use.

Technical Remarks:

The only concern is the evaluation portion of this site. How would the learner know if they successfully passed the course/lessons? What are the requirements for effectively completing the course/lesson? A rubric or grading model should be used to inform learner of progress.

Additionally, some of the links were inoperable such as Thought, Word & Deed from the Publications navigational link.

Overall, lesson The Work Ethic Site is an effective teaching-learning tool that can achieve satisfactory learning goals.

Time spent reviewing site: 90 minutes
Lauren Bia
Lauren Bia (Student)
15 years ago
I very much enjoyed the communications style inventory and built a “fake” lesson plan based on this survey. It is important for professionals to understand another communications style other than their own in order to further themselves in the workplace. Interpersonal skills have a huge impact on your success in a job position. With the increase of web based college programs, we may be facing a disruption in the development of interpersonal skills for our upcoming generation.

Technical Remarks:

The site was easy to get around and the links provided me with helpful information. Each lesson was informative and included fun activities meant to engage the audience. I would definitely recommend this site to someone looking for material on interpersonal skills.
Carolyn Holbrook
Carolyn Holbrook (Faculty)
16 years ago
I am a business education teacher and this information on ethic will definetly
be useful.
Used in course? Yes
Russ Carter
Russ Carter (Student)
18 years ago
It was interesting however, inasmuch as I teach Criminal Justice, it did not correspond with the type of ethics I teach criminal justice majors and law enforcement officers.
NOTE: This review was done as a requirement for my Doctorial class at George Mason University.

Technical Remarks:

Technically proficient.
Used in course? Yes
Trish Nelson
Trish Nelson (Staff)
19 years ago
The Work Ethic Site is designed as a resource for issues pertaining to work
ethics. The on-line lessons, skills/assessment inventories, history of work
ethics, and links to additional information are relevant and current.
Appropriate for any career counseling or job-readiness course from high school
through adult ed. May also be useful as a staff development tool.

Technical Remarks:

The navigation bar is usually to the left of the page, but linked pages have a
home button or
hypertext at the bottom of the page content. Pages load quickly, and all links
are active. Several pages can only be exited by using the browser back button,
and the History pages have all navigation across the top and bottom of the page.
Cynthia Ingram
Cynthia Ingram (Faculty)
20 years ago
This content provides an excellent tool for introducucing students to assessments that focus on employability skills and work ethic assessments in a manner that they can utilize quickly.
Trimaine Eley
Trimaine Eley (Student)
20 years ago
Work Ethic is extremly useful, espicially in today's student athlete. This site
is well suited for me currently and my immediate plans on becoming an educator.

Technical Remarks:

Links are clear and useful. I enjoy the comments on interpersonal skills,
initaitive and dependability. Which I believe our youth currently are lacking in
one way or another.
Ellen Bush
Ellen Bush (Faculty)
21 years ago
I teach a course in career planning in which we routinely talk about work ethic. I
found this site extremely useful for course enhancement. I particularly like the PowerPoint presentations.
Barbara Levin
Barbara Levin (Faculty)
21 years ago
This site is well crafted and interactive. It provides information in an inviting way that would be suitable fro students in middle school, high school, community college, and even in four-year colleges.

Technical Remarks:

Navigation is easy and all linkes are active. Layout is clear and text is easy to read.