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Cross-Discipline Collection: BASIC SKILLS

This is an interdisciplinary collection of Learning Objects (LOs) that is specifically designed to address BASIC SKILLS that students commonly lack in undergraduate studies. The MERLOT@Michigan community composed this collection with the goal of providing fundamental pedagogical support to University of Michigan students that would benefit from supplementary learning material. The collection includes only the best LOs that have been selected through the Peer Review process performed by professionally trained U of M Graduate Student Instructors. The following LOs are listed by the title and further labeled by the arenas of academia they best apply to. However, there are also many unlisted areas that the included LOs could be used for as well. The overall focus of this collection is on teaching basic skills that students commonly lack across many undergraduate fields of study at the University of Michigan. For more information or to contact MERLOT@Michigan please visit their website:

Collection Content

  • Statistics Every Writer Should Know
    This is a simple outline of what statistical terms mean and how/when it is appropriate to use them in formal writing.... More
  • Graphing the line y = mx + b
    Graphing the line y = mx + b (Drill and Practice)
    This applet is a simple and effective tool for teaching the graphing of a line. It could easily be incorporated into a... More
  • Unit Conversions
    Unit Conversions (Simulation)
    This is a simple learning tool that displays the cancellation of unit terms when performing unit conversions. This tool... More
  • ThatQuiz - Math Test Activities
    This is a great tool for learning or getting a refresher on general math concepts across the board (including time,... More
  • Internet Detective
    Internet Detective (Tutorial)
    This tutorial teaches students to find quality resources by teaching how to assess the validity of websites that may... More
  • Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
    This is a great tool for anyone with writing questions from reference formatting to writing style support. *Stats*:... More
  • In Pictures: Online Computer Tutorials
    This site focuses on easy to use technology support tutorials with pictures and simple directions (Includes MS Excel, MS... More
  • Building Blocks for Teams
    Building Blocks for Teams (Presentation)
    This site focuses on how to effectively incorporate teamwork into student learning and avoid common pitfalls in the... More
  • The Science of Studying Effectively
    This flip-through presentation covers several learning and memory tips for studying supported by psychological research.... More
  • Purplemath - Your Algebra Resource
    This site contains math lessons, links, and homework tips, all designed to help the high school or college student. The... More
  • The Writer's Complex
    The Writer's Complex (Simulation)
    This will aid students in navigating through the many complexities of writing. *Stats*: Learn basic factors of writing... More
  • Linear Regression Calculator
    This more advanced learning object is a virtual linear regression calculator. It allows students to enter data points,... More
  • Presentation Skills
    Presentation Skills (Tutorial)
    This site presents presentation skills for with a focus on oral and multimedia presentations in a business format.... More
  • Index of Learning Styles
    This tool can be used as an assessment for student learning styles. It has wide applicability and is easy to use. After... More
  • Virtual Presentation Assistant
    This tutorial is a simple yet effective tool for learning how to give presentations. While it is very plain and consists... More