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General Materials for Life Sciences

Various Resources for all my Life Science Courses

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  • Bioluminescent Organisms
    I have prepared a "Virtual Internet Biology Exploration" exercise for this site. It has five items with vairous... More
  • NIH Curriculum Supplement Series
    NIH Curriculum Supplement Series (Reference Material)
    Amongst other modules, this site has one that is excellent on drug addiction and neurophysiology. The copyright permits... More
  • Scientific stock photography library
    Requires written approval for use of images.
  • Human chromosomal Abnormalities
  • Construction of the Cell Membrane
    Simple & fast with basic quiz.
  • Microbial World
    Microbial World (Reference Material)
    This site definitely has images and information that I can use to supplement my general biology and general zoology... More
  • Cell Biology Animation
    Includes, amongst other things, some animations of metabolic reactions I would like to make available to my students in... More
  • The Bioluminescence Web Page
    The Bioluminescence Web Page (Reference Material)
    Definitely want to use this site. The adaptations are really well demonstrated and described.
  • CalPhotos
    CalPhotos (Collection)
    Wow... lots of images that I could surely integrate into my notes on the web.
  • Classification of Living Things
  • Teaching about Evolution & the Nature of Science
    Mainly directed at high school level, but much applies to college levels.
  • DNA from the Beginning
    DNA from the Beginning (Simulation)
    Includes a most excellent variety of materials related to the topic, including classical genetics. There are video,... More
  • Biological Basis of Heredity
  • Biology Browser
    Biology Browser (Learning Object Repository)
  • How Cells Divide
    How Cells Divide (Animation)
  • MedlinePlus:Genes and Gene Therapy
    MedlinePlus:Genes and Gene Therapy (Reference Material)
  • Genetics Home Reference
    Genetics Home Reference (Reference Material)
  • Center for Evolutionary Psychology
    Center for Evolutionary Psychology (Reference Material)
    Could add link to this from notes to illustrate application of evolutionary theory in areas outside traditional biology.
  • Evolution, Science and Society
    Evolution, Science and Society (Reference Material)
  • Animal Eyes and Evolution
  • Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
    Amongst other things, there is a section on genes and disease with entries that often mention the role of important... More
    ELISA ASSAY (Simulation)
    Online Lab Simulations from HHMI
  • Molecules in Motion
    Molecules in Motion (Animation)
    Extensive resource site for molecular animations and illustrations. This is a teacher resource rather than a site a... More
  • Construction of the Cell Membrane
    Simple animation for non-majors course
  • Virtual Foliage
    Virtual Foliage (Collection)
    Really nice collection of plant images arranged taxonomically and searchable.
  • Fish on Line
    Fish on Line (Presentation)
    Need to go through this site to look for components to use in various courses.
  • Scanning Electron Microscope
    Scanning Electron Microscope (Reference Material)
  • MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery
    Electron Microscope Images
  • Microscope Imaging Station
    Diverse collection of microscopic images
  • Molecules in Motion
    Molecules in Motion (Animation)
    Really nice animations with explanations.
  • Virtual Field Trip: San Diego Zoo
    Virtual Field Trip to San Diego Zoo-- Possible use in GenBio Online.
  • MIT Open Courseware (OCW) Collection
    MIT Biology Resources