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Google for Education

Google for Education

Google provides a microsite just for teachers that includes links to important content and tools.


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Jane Moore
Jane Moore (Faculty)
6 years ago

This site will help educators see how the Google products can really streamline their work and help them think of new ways of doing it.

Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 2 hours
Robin Blackman
Robin Blackman (Faculty)
7 years ago

This is a great site for teachers looking for ways to integrate technology into teaching and learning. Google Tools is an inexpensive way to access various productivity and collaboration tools.

Time spent reviewing site: 10 minutes
April Edmonds
April Edmonds (Content Developer/Author)
9 years ago

Thanks for the resource link. Very helpful for use in training faculty on how to use Google Docs as a collaborative tool.

Used in course? Yes
Pam Beveridge
Pam Beveridge (Faculty)
9 years ago
I have used these Google Tools in a community college setting. This site has helpful to me as I was directed to instructor materials and was able to signup for a newsletter I was not aware of.

Technical Remarks:

no problems
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 40 minutes
Jo Pennington
Jo Pennington (Administrator)
11 years ago
This is a good resource for instructors at all levels for several reasons: 1. It is updated on a regular basis to provide a good variety of new resources. 2. The resources include many of Google's tools for teachers. Each of these is excellent and user-friendly. Each is more intuitive than complex and can be explored and mastered by any individual who spends time on the site. 3. The tools included would be useful in the learning process as opposed to being teacher tools only. They are great examples of "technology for learning" as well as "technology for teaching". Google has other tools available and a teacher would do well to try each of them. They are all available through links through Google's home page. They provide a range of excellent tools, technologies, and disciplines for communication, critical thinking, and specific skill-building.

Technical Remarks:

Mr. Wicks has provided the sites without instructions for using them, leaving that to the user. The sites are relatively self-explanatory and user-friendly. Most of the tools could be used by teachers with lower skill level in technology. Some of the Google tools would take some time to master, like Picasa and Sketch-Up. However, these are unique, excellent tools for students, and well worth the time for teachers to master and introduce to students. Most students learn them readily and use them effectively. Google tools are fun and challenging for all levels of students.
Used in course? Yes
Time spent reviewing site: 60 minutes with about 8 hours spent reviewing Google tools.