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Enhancing Professional Practices: A framework and tutorial for teaching

This self-paced tutorial for educators provides a very basic overview of Charlotte Danielson's Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching.  Danielson's framework, which serves to define the complex nature of teaching in specific and concrete terms, is used in supervision of teaching and learning in school districts throughout the United States....

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Sandra Toth
Sandra Toth (Faculty)
11 years ago

This is an excellent introduction to the material.

Technical Remarks:

Well designed with clear instructions.

Time spent reviewing site: 25 min.
Hyewon Lee
Hyewon Lee (Student)
12 years ago

This tutorial is thoughtfully well designed for improving understanding of a framework of teaching with the help of nicely implemented technology. I think that the topic could be broadly modified and customized according to multifaceted interpretations in diverse educational settings. Since visual information such as diverse icons are used to support delivery of knowledge, check-up practices, and quizzes, students are able to experience several types of feedback according to their performance levels. At the beginning of the tutorial, the author introduced the structure and the content of the tutorial clearly, which helps students pay attention to a step-by step approach to knowledge on a framework of teaching. The content flow is closely connected to the topic, and the interactive check-ups intend to activate knowledge and apply it to real world examples. The interactive quizzes are closely correlated with prior built-up knowledge, and students get immediate and guided feedback on their performance. It might be good to include more slides on some examples of each domain after explaining the four domains with words. I think that examples would be helpful for students to understand the four domains in real world situations, apply their understanding to quizzes, and expand knowledge on other cases.

Technical Remarks:

There were no big technical issues throughout the tutorial. Clear instructions and interactive mode make it easy for students to navigate the content. For each quiz, interactive feedback features are provided, which is helpful for students to complete the task until they get correct answers and comprehend the content. However, the video clip on the slide titled “Does good teaching look anything like this?” is not working. The author needs to check the embedded link. It might be good to add more images, pictures, audio- or video- materials to each domain as examples to support student understanding of the concepts more concretely. Also, it would be good to add highlighting effects to the texts.

Time spent reviewing site: 40 minutes
Spike Braunius
Spike Braunius (Student)
12 years ago

Overall a very effective and interactive tool with a clean inviting design and lay out. It was a joy to use it especially as the design provides many features in line with the UDL guidelines:

Multiple means of Representation are mainly in providing options for comprehension through the supply of background knowledge, information processing, visualization and manipulation with the different knowledge input and checks leading toword the final quiz.

Multiple means for Action and Expression; especially through varied methods for response and navigation as well as the use of multiple media for communication (pps, video, quiz, knowledge checks, link to external web site).

Multiple Means for Engagement were featured in greatly recruiting interest from the first slide onward. Also it felt as no issue to sustain effort and persistence going through the tool. Different demands, questions and challenges kept me highly engaged. Particularly the fact that the deeper into the tool the more enthusiastic the feedback was which kept me "glued" to try the next check/test/question. Also the options for self-regulation were well designed especially in terms of self assessment and reflection through the knowledge checks and final quiz.

Technical Remarks:

Everything worked fine in terms of the navigation. There were just two things that didn't work as expected when I tried the tool:

1) the "good teaching" video gave me a "media not found" response when I clicked on it.

2) using the Exit button I could get into the development stage of the tool which enabled me to make any changes I wanted. From a security perspective that isn't desirable.

Some possible suggestions for even further enrichment:

a) a back button on each slide so it's possible to re-read the previous slide (which I tend to like once in a while)

b) using sounds for the different buttons when clicked.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes