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Function Grapher

Function Grapher

Graphs one or more functions of a single variable, with zoom in/out and other nice features.



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Christine DeRouin
Christine DeRouin (Student)
11 years ago
If used effectively, I think that this site is a really good tool for students who are at least taking an intermediate algebra class and higher math. I spent 45 minutes reviewing the materials, playing with the graph function tools and found it simple and easy to use. Content quality is good; the site offers concepts that are educationally significant because you get instant results. Students and teachers will benefit by the ease-of-use and visual concepts of graphs. Lastly, first-time users will find this a fun and simple way to understand graphs and how they are used.
Used in course? Yes
andrew fritsch
andrew fritsch (Student)
16 years ago
The material here provides important concepts in math. It does not appear to be
very difficult to teach or learn. It teaches material that will be needed in
future math classes. The site has effective graphics and multimedia. The
feedback is immediate.

Technical Remarks:

To me the material seemed matematically correct.
The material follows standard mathematical notation and conventions.
Used in course? Yes
Dawn Ruml
Dawn Ruml (Student)
16 years ago
-The material was matematically correct.
-The textual material was acurate and precise.
-The material follows standard mathematical notation and conventions.
-The material presents important math concepts.
-Is part of core curriculum of math.
-Not very difficult to teach or learn.
-This is a prerequisite for more advanced material.
-The material does help develope a conceptual understanding of math.
-The material is thought provoking.
-The material does not really explore a connection between various math
-It makes effective use of graphics and multimedia.
-The graphics are not very attractive.
-The graphics effectively illustrate math concepts.
-The material is flexable in that many different functions can be graphed.
-The general layout of the material is consistant.
-The design is not very attactive or inviting for students.
-Input and output elements are easy to understand.
-Material does provide effective feedback.
-Info is displayed in a graphical manner
-Feedback is immediate.
-Easy to navigate.
-Students should not become lost or confused while using this.
-This can be used by students with different levels of of computer experience.
-Material has useful instructions.
-Material improves abilities to teach and learn.
-Effectively demonstartes math concepts.
-Material is interactive.
-Does not encourage students to generalize concepts or make predictions.
-Material can be readily integrated into the math curriculum.
-Standard presentation of math.
-Material can be used with standard textbooks.
-Can graph many different functions.
-No assessment tools.
Used in course? Yes
Sarah Cady
Sarah Cady (Student)
16 years ago
Function Grapher is very easy to use. Although it may be too simple for
graphing more complicated equations, it works extremely well for its intentions.
Function Grapher is an excellent tool for someone who may not be able to
afford a graphing calculator or just needs a quick and simple graph. It is also
useful if a student wants to print out a graph to include in an assignment or a

Technical Remarks:

The different functions available in Function Grapher are very well defined and
clearly available for students to access. It is also very easy to navigate
around the graph and zoom in on specific sections of the graph.

I gave it four stars because I think it is a great site, but could use a few
more advanced features.
Used in course? Yes