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Intro to Computer Engineering

This site contains a collection of tutorial materials that support the teaching and learning of elementary topics in computer engineering. Topics include Boolean algebra, logic design, Karnaugh maps, binary arithmetic, combinational logic, sequential logic, floating point numbers, two's complement arithmetic, etc.


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Slim Chtourou
Slim Chtourou (Faculty)
6 years ago
interesting site to learn the low level concept of computer science unfortunately, you can't view the website correctly on a mobile device since you can't install flash player there
17 years ago
A comprehensive tutorial on basic concepts in computer engineering. The site is interactive with an audio component to it. I have used this tutorial site in my online Digital Design course.
It covers, Boolean Algebra, Logic Gates, MUX/DMUX, Encoder/Decoder, 2,3,4,5, and 6 variable Karnaugh Maps.

Technical Remarks:

Before using this site, Macromedia Flash Player should be downloaded.
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