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NOVA #2112G: Secret of the Wild Child

PBS NOVA transcript of a program on the infamous Genie, a child reared in isolation.


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Kira Gallagher
Kira Gallagher (Administrator)
14 years ago
This is a famous story in psychology. Unfortunately I couldn't find the link to the actual show, however the material here can be used to demonstrate a number of ideas. First, how is language learned. Second, is it nature or nurture that allows someone to learn and develop? It can also be used to discuss ethics in research. It can also be used to discuss the importance of human warmth and touch in development. This would be a great take home assignment for students. Have them read it and then allow the to discus their thoughts. It would be good to have some leading questions ready to help lead students in an educational direction.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to use. Just scroll and read!
Kymberly Richard
Kymberly Richard (Faculty)
14 years ago
This was very interesting. I will investigate the case further and plan on using it in my Psych 202 on language development.
Roxanne Hunt
Roxanne Hunt (Student)
20 years ago
THis was very imformational material as well as heart touching. I thought what
the parents had done to this young child was wrong. She had come a long way with
the love and help of her doctors and their family to give her what she needed

Technical Remarks:

Very good to anyone who are first time readers.
Amy Smith
Amy Smith (Student)
20 years ago
I found this article very interesting and heart wrenching. It was like a good
book that I could not put down. It took me about an hour to read all of the
material.The content was very good. I thing the article will help others see
what could be improved if another situation like this occurs again. I enjoyed the article very much.

Technical Remarks:

It was very easy reading and easy to understand the material
Elizabeth Leicht
Elizabeth Leicht (Student)
21 years ago
I spent about an hour and a half trying out the Merlot site. The quality of the
content was good and beneficial to students as well as teachers. The site offers
student involvment which gives you their perspective, which is great.

Technical Remarks:

I found the ease of using the material was pretty simple once I was use to
working with it and knew what I was doing.
Tracey Collins
Tracey Collins (Student)
21 years ago
I spent approximately 30 minutes reading the article. The quality of the
content was good. I thought it was an effective teaching tool in that it tells
the true story of a trouble child. It was easy to read and informative.

Technical Remarks:

Very easy to use. One basic article, very stratight forward
Jill Potter
Jill Potter (Student)
21 years ago
I critically read this article for nearly an hour. The title captioned my
attention.The examples shown in this story offer a vast insight into this
subject and the possible outcomes. Seeing how the case evolved I believe is a
good teaching tool.The story was intriguing and well documented.

Technical Remarks:

Although I spent a great deal of time reading this, others may find the
transcript hard to follow. There were many different subjects speaking through
out the story. It could be difficult keeping all of the information straight.