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This site contains information about a variety of self oriented topics such as handling anger, enhancing self esteem, assertiveness, letting go, personal development, etc.


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Lin Domizio
Lin Domizio (Faculty)
14 years ago
The purple colored website maintained by Mitch McCrimmon, Ph.D, aims to provide books, information about leadership in coaching. The content may be relevant but layout was barely appealing to someone who may not like that color. Learners may be distracted by over crowded design and advertisements and become short of patience to continue.

Technical Remarks:

Most links are working all right. Website layout seems a bit lack of professional polishing job. A bit too flashy, mostly information about books, some introductory viewpoints,but lack of depth overall.
Jay Holden
Jay Holden (Staff)
14 years ago
After reviewing this lecture/presentation that provides advice for dealing with personal effectiveness at work I think that it does have some good material that is worth taking a look at but I also have several criticisms of it. Content focused, it provides important information on doing your best in the front and center of the screen and it has appropriate headings and bullet points to follow. It is appropriately focused on providing info to the readers concerning the development of their effectiveness. On the other hand there are too many bullet points throughout the unit and what is most important is lost in the end. Also the content is confusing in that it will ask a question to the reader, answer that question, provide facts, and ask rhetorical questions all in consecutive bullet points as if it was taken directly from an article and converted to a list (ex. "Managing your time"). Overall I would say it is not great.

Technical Remarks:

I feel that it is very confusing in the presentation methodology itself. As a user of this learning object, I am confused where to go from this page, what is included under the "professional effectiveness" unit and how to access that information besides returning to the site map after every subheading. I would say this does not have great potential as a teaching tool as I feel it would be much easier for a student to read a text-book chapter on this topic.