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Circular Motion in Phase Space

Circular Motion in Phase Space

A demonstration of phase space (velocity/momentum as a function of position) of a simple harmonic oscillator.


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Michelle Pinson
Michelle Pinson (Student)
22 years ago
Both demonstrations are easily understood and clearly presented. The
oscillating spring, x versus time graph, and the x versus velocity graph all
help to show the relationship of the velocities and accelerations at all points.
Also the total energy versus time graph aids to confirm the relationship
between oscillation and conservation of energy.
Luke Boyer
Luke Boyer (Student)
22 years ago
Both applets demontrate the relationship of oscillatory motion and its phase
space diagram very well. They show how factors such as velocity and position
affect the spring's motion. The phase space diagram has a sine graph and a
circular graph which is a plus. Strongly recommended.
William Atkins
William Atkins (Student)
22 years ago
The applets on this page do an excellent job of demonstrating how simple
harmonic oscillation (SHO) is affected by factors such as initial position,
velocity, and damping. Also clearly relates SHO to both wave and circular
functions. Definitely recommended for those wishing to see the correlation
between SHO and circular/periodic wave functions.
Ashley Ferra
Ashley Ferra (Student)
22 years ago

Technical Remarks:

This applet does a remarkably good job at explaining simple harmonic
oscillation. It shows how velocity affect the oscillation of an object. It was
easy to understand and easy to use as well.
John Walkup
John Walkup (Staff)
22 years ago
Two very well-done applets demonstrating pendulum motion and the respective phase space diagrams. Definitely recommended.