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Draws fractals and Mandelbrot sets.


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Niko Shido
Niko Shido (Student)
16 years ago
I spent about fifteen minutes to review this website. Seemingly this site is
only one page and has no links. I assume that the contents of the projects may
change every week.
I played with the interactive project, which shows fractal. There are samples
of fractal to choose from and the users can zoom in and zoom out by selecting
the buttons.
According to the explanation of the site, this project was created for people
who wish to learn Java. It is a great idea to encourage learners to gain the
knowledge while using fascinating subject such as fractal. The quality of the
content is interesting; however visitors of this site might want to see more
than is displayed.
There are potentials for the effective enhancements among learners and teachers,
because it is interactive and visually alluring. Also, students are able to
learn both the Java program and fractal at same time while enjoying the
experience. I am a firm believer of the idea that adding interactiveness
enhances the positive effect on students.
Usage of the material on this site may unknowingly make visitors want to drift
out of the site fairly quickly, only because the contents of its amount are
limited. Visitors may like to see more project or related links.
Brian Doore
Brian Doore (Student)
18 years ago
Since this fractal program (a java applet) offers only two options - Mandelbrot
and Julia sets - it does not take much time to explore, therefore, I spent only
about 15 minutes using it. I tried both sets and zoomed in and out on many
different parts. I am not an internet programmer and probably do not fully
appreciate the work involved in java applets, but this seemed flawless and easy
to use. Anyone can use this software, easily and it is a good introduction to
Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals.

Technical Remarks:

I have long been a fan of fractal programs and I was glad to see this simple one
here, however, it lacks depth. I mean literally, you cannot zoom in very far
before it loses detail. The real beauty of fractals that I have seen in the
past is that you can zoom in FOREVER and they become even more complex and
surprising. That was missing in this program and I was somewhat disappointed by
that. Otherwise, it is technically fine.