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ePortfolios & Assessment Information

Assessment is often discussed with ePortfolios. Here is a collection of assessment information.

Collection Content

  • Assessment Clear and Simple -- Practical Steps for Institutions, Departments, and General-Education
    Walvoord covers the definition of assessment of student learning, and has great visuals and case studies.
  • Changing the Paradigm of Effectiveness and Documentation of Learning within Higher Education through Institutional Electronic Portfolios
    This paper reports research that addresses the challenges higher education leadership faces in devising ways to be... More
  • Learning, Reflection, and Electronic Portfolios: Stepping Toward an Assessment Practice
    This study used a portfolio-based, mid-program reflection of undergraduate students to elaborate a framework for... More
  • One Size Fits None: What’s the
    The keynote for the UIPUI 2008 Assessment Institute - a timely and concise overview of ePortfolios.
  • The Institutional Portfolio: A Performance-Based Model for Assessment of General Education
    An overview of the development and implementation of a model involving performance-based assessment of general... More
  • Assessing Learning, Encouraging Individuality Through Portfolios at Spelman College
    "The college first instituted a paper-based first-year writing portfolio requirement in 1993. Since then, Spelman’s work... More
  • Doing Assessment as if Learning Matters Most: Simple, Practical Classroom- and
    Research-based guidelines for learning centered (and faculty-directed) assessment and demonstrates simple, practical... More
  • Universities as Responsive Learning Organizations Through Competency-Based Assessment with Electronic Portfolios
    Rather than preset standards, competencies become boundary objects connecting individual student experience to community... More
  • Reflection, Revision, and Assessment in First-Year Composition ePortfolios
    University of Georgia adopted ePortfolios for their First Year Composition and documented the process. After some... More
  • Higher Ed Assessment Blog
    Higher Ed Assessment Blog (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
    Mary consults with institutions in the areas of assessment and online education.
  • Assessment & Accountability
    Assessment & Accountability (Workshop and Training Material)
    Assessment & Accountablility: How are they different? What is the role od ePortfolios? Where do we see things moving for... More
  • The Benefits of E-portfolios for Students and Faculty in Their Own Words
    Winter 2009 PeerReview from AACU, this article by Ross Miller, senior director of assessment for learning, Association... More
  • Education Tuning Shows What Students Learned
    Listen to a recording of the 4/14/09 NPR Show: Phyllis Safman, assistant commissioner for academic affairs at the Utah... More
  • Authentic Tasks
    Authentic Tasks (Reference Material)
    This site is part of the Authentic Assessment Toolbox which is a MERLOT Classics winner. This section deals with... More
  • Portfolios
    Portfolios (Reference Material)
    Jon Mueller's well written piece on the ePortfolios.
  • Hazel Owen's Resource for ePortfolios
    Foundation students at Dubai Men's College (DMC) developed a Career ePortfolio as part of an integrated Computer,... More