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Chemistry Resources for Student Mastery and Engagement

The materials in this collection will help students difficult concepts in Chemistry such as stoichiometry, balancing chemical equations, acids and bases, quantum mechanics, and chemical kinetics.  It also includes materials that will help engage students such as virtual labs. 


Collection Content

  • Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
    A virtual chemistry lab in which labs on acids and bases, chemical kinetics, and energy to name a few.
  • Interactive Simulations for General Chemistry
    Simulations on various topics that is encountered in chemisty and will help students master those concepts.
  • Ideal Gas Law Simulation
    Helps students use the Ideal Gas Law in applications such as in chemical reactions.
  • Periodic Table of the Elements
    Periodic Table of the Elements (Reference Material)
    Helps students to identify elements on the Periodic Table and their properties
  • Virtual chemistry lab for acid-base titration
    Helps students perform virtual acid-base titrations.
  • Abbreviated Electron Configurations Tutorial
    Helps students learn how to do the electron configurations using the noble gas notation.
  • Acid Animation
    Acid Animation (Animation)
  • Chembalancer - balancing equations game
    An interactive game that helps students balance chemical equations.
  • Balancing Chemical Equations
    Helps students balance chemical reactions.
  • Chemical Reaction Stoichiometry
    Tutorial about chemical reaction stoichiometry, from balancing chemical equations to applications to chemical kinetics.... More
  • Classroom Demonstrations for General Chemistry
  • Solubility
    Solubility (Simulation)
  • Flinn Science Teacher Resources
    Flinn Science Teacher Resources (Reference Material)
  • Balancing Chemical Equations Tutorial