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Nick's Mathematical Puzzles

Nick's Mathematical Puzzles

A collection of puzzles ranging over geometry, probability, number theory, algebra, calculus, and logic. Hints are provided, along with fully worked solutions, and links to related mathematical topics.


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Robert Leiva
Robert Leiva (Student)
12 years ago
I'm not fan of puzzles and I'm not very good when it comes to math so I thought it would be interesting to try a few puzzles from this website. The puzzles cover the topics of geometry, probability, number theory, algebra, calculus, and logic. I didn't know where to begin but fortunately, as the website states, "each puzzle is assigned a level of difficulty of between one and four stars." I tried solving a few of the puzzles that were rated a one star level of difficulty but I'm a little rusty on my math skills and I wasn't able to solve them. Even though I wasn't able to solve any of the puzzles I tried while visiting the site I get the impression that using this site is probably one of the more fun learning tools to practice math, and that it is a good way to stretch your brain in a mathematical sense (which means that it has the potential to be academically stimulating). I imagine that the website is also a good recreational activity for people who simply enjoy puzzles or mathematics in general. What I liked most about this site is that hints, answers, complete solutions are offered which allows a student to help get started or still learn something even if they are clueless on how to approach a problem. There are also links to related mathematical topics available which can be accessed by clicking on the "home" link.

Technical Remarks:

Easy to naviagte and easy to find a puzzle that suitable for your own level of dificulty.
Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes.