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Sir Isaac Newton

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Sir Isaac Newton

Logo for Sir Isaac Newton
Information on the life and accomplishments of Sir Isaac Newton
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Material Type: Reference Material
Technical Format: Website
Date Added to MERLOT: May 06, 2001
Date Modified in MERLOT: September 15, 2010
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Submitter: James Rutledge
Keywords: universal gravitation, light, math history, Royal Society


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Primary Audience: College General Ed
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Language: English
Cost Involved: no
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Creative Commons: unsure


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Comments / Discussions

Discussion for Sir Isaac Newton

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Avatar for dorothy scott
8 years ago

dorothy scott (Student)

It took me a few tries to get the hang of this web sight but once I figured it out I think this will be a very useful tool for me to get references in the future

Avatar for Jenelle Valles
8 years ago

Jenelle Valles (Student)

This biography is brief, but the website provides other sites and reference materials. Since Sir Isaac Newton is considered the greatest English mathematician of his time, I found his biography to be quite interesting. I reviewed this site for about thirty minutes to learn more about Newton, and also to determine if I could use the information for my current math class. Since there are 271 books/articles in the list of references, I believe the information is accurate.

Technical Remarks:

If a student wants to learn more about Sir Isaac Newton, I would recommend this website. Eventhough the biography is short, you can use all of the referenced sites. If used appropriately sudents' learning and faculty's teaching will be enhanced. All of the data is available on this site to accomplish this.
Time spent reviewing site: It only took me about thirty minutes to use this website. It is simple to use. First time users can select the printable version of the biography and read and/or print it.

Avatar for Sam Luu
8 years ago

Sam Luu (Student)

The page was very informative. It is a brief biography on Newton, nice feature is that there are links @ the bottom if you would like additional information on his work.

Technical Remarks:

Nice search engine @ the top of page
Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes

Avatar for Son Kim
8 years ago

Son Kim (Student)

Found everthing I needed about math. The history of math is pretty intense. It help me understand the subject a bit more.
Time spent reviewing site: 20 mins.

Avatar for Jennifer Brown
8 years ago

Jennifer Brown (Student)

After spending around 15 minutes fully looking through the site and the links, I can say that this site is pretty disappointing, especially for a topic that I would surmise to be pretty popular. The landing page is essentially only links, which lead to other sites with no real way to navigate back to the landing page. Once you click on a link, you are taken to a different page which seems to cause browser issues. The only real way to approach this site is to open each link in different tabs (or browser windows, if you prefer) to avoid the hassle of navigating through multiple pages and losing your place. Overall, this page is really not very user-friendly, which is a hindrance on judging its content. The content is good, not amazing; the lack of original content is a real downgrade. There is not a lot of information related to Newton's achievements or mathematical studies. Most of the content is in the form of external links, which is mostly just a hassle for any average user, and any student trying to find information about Newton would probably be better off going to a different site.

Technical Remarks:

Very poor layout, links lead to external sites or pages within the site, with no easy way to navigate back to the landing page. Navigation is very poor and content of the page is disappointingly minimal, with very little unique content.
Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes spent navigating back and forth, trying to maintain the landing page without getting lost (very difficult), and reading through content to find that a user would be better off going elsewhere for information on this topic.
Used in course

Avatar for Lora Thompson
8 years ago

Lora Thompson (Student)

I took about 20 minutes going through the material on Sir Isaac Newton. I have done a presentation on him in my current math class and I wiiiiissssshhh i had seen this before so I would have had more info!! Very informative and helpful! Clear and easily read

Avatar for Dannah Sanchez
9 years ago

Dannah Sanchez (Student)

This is great! My sister was looking for a good reference for Sir Isaac Newton. I spent about fifteen minutes skimming through the page. I notice that there are a lot of links to different sites containing specific information on Newton. This site will definitely help those who are researching him because there's no need to read through a whole entire page to find what information is needed. This definitely simplifies the research by a lot! Students will definitely make good use of this site because it effective because there are a total of 271 articles/books for references on the site :)
Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes
Used in course

Avatar for Nathanael DeVine
9 years ago

Nathanael DeVine (Student)

This topic is more then likely my most favorite of the forums. Sir Isaac Newton is arguably one of the most ingenious people to have roamed the earth in the last 500 years. This site is a great homage to the great man and his achievements in the sciences and mathematics. I have actually, throughout my education, done several biographies of him and have a great appreciation of him before hand. I think that this topic was very well researched and was very effective when communicating information about Sir Isaac Newton.

Avatar for Laura Gossman
9 years ago

Laura Gossman

i look over this information for a few minutes. there is good info about newton. it would help students and teachers because it has references to books and articles. it is very easy to find what u want.

Avatar for Ashley Ramirez
9 years ago

Ashley Ramirez (Student)

I spent about 15-20 min on this site. This site has a lot of information non Isaac in depth. This would have been a great research site for my classes Math G project. This site is easy to learn from you just need to read and take in the info about Newton. This will definently give you the info you need.

Avatar for Matt Jasper
9 years ago

Matt Jasper (Student)

This is a very interesting article that I could spend a good amount of time learning more about. This section on Newton has a lot of solid material that highlights not only major mathematical advance that Newton contributed, but also some of his beliefs. Before browsing this I had some knowledge on Newton and his advances in the Calculus field, but didn't know anything about his religious beliefs and statements. The information doesn't seem too crammed together, making it much easier to absorb. If you showed someone this that had no backround on the history of Newton, I am sure that it wouldn't be too hard for them to pick up the focal points and information. The links are very basic and easy to find. Theres no time wasted looking for what you want to know or find out about.

Avatar for Liana Hoover
9 years ago

Liana Hoover (Student)

This is a website I would definitely use to do any kind of research on Sir Issac Newton. The first page you are at is a clear easily read introduction on who Issac Newton was. This page is easily accessible and gives you options of what you want to look at. There are links for other sites with more information, quotes, and even a link to a page with more famous mathematicians that you can do any kind of research on. The bulk of the site is the depth biography of Issac Newton. After reading the biography that is on the site I feel I know ALOT more than I did before, and I did not have to read a whole book or surf many websites. This summery gives a chuck of information but it is also not overwhelming. This is a good place to start to do any kind of research paper on Sir Issac Newton. This is a kind of website that a student can look at on their own time, and a teacher would not need to use any of the resources to teach a class.

Technical Remarks:

Very easy to read and navigate through.
Time spent reviewing site: about 20-40 minutes.

Avatar for jennifer cancilla
9 years ago

jennifer cancilla (Student)

When reviewing this material i spent about 30 min reading the history of Sir Isaac Newton. i feel that he is a great english mathematician of his time and he contributed alot to his foundation by educating the rest of the world his beliefs and theories.the content in this article is very informative about how he came of interst in mathmatics and Isaac's background. The information provided has some really great concepts and models of optics and light also his scientific discoveries. i think that students and faculty will get a lot of knowlege of Isaac Newton and what he practiced. I think its a great learning tool and many students can gain a new outlook toward Isasac Newton and what he accomplished over the years and how it still affects us today. The ease of using this material is really great. It can be easily accessed and the individual can explore many aspects of Sir Isaac Newton

Avatar for Dr. Troy Tenhet
9 years ago

Dr. Troy Tenhet (Faculty)

This is an exceptional biography page.

Avatar for Thuy Nguyen
9 years ago

Thuy Nguyen (Student)

I read a lot about Isaac Newton’s achievement when I was in high school, but I haven’t read his bio yet. So, after I spend more than an hour reading I realize that I love to read the famous people’s bio. It’s interesting to find out that Isaac, a talented person, has a normal life like us. He has a tragedy childhood, moderate college score. He was an inactive student. After reading an astrology book, he found that he could not understand the mathematics in it; therefore, he read and learn math a lot, which is an important element for him to get many achievements later and become a famous scientist. Moreover, This article includes many theories and discoveries of Newton such as: theory of light and color(Newton's ring, diffraction of light), theory of universal gravitation,and three laws of motion. beside it, he can explain a lot of unrelated phenomena like ecentric orbits of comets, tides and their variations, motion of the Moon as perturbed by the gravity of the Sun. Also,this site includes many links relate to Issac and other mathematicians, math history,so it is a good resource for you to do research paper.

Avatar for Farah Taslim
9 years ago

Farah Taslim (Student)

As part of my math class assignment, I was browing through learning materials, then the topic "Sir Isaac Newton" caught my eyes. I have strong interest in learning great, famous people's bio, but never read Newton's bio before because I thought it would be boaring reading. I was wrong. I spent 40 minutes reading, and each minute I was viewing his life on a big screen tv. It is so live, so interesting, so real. Newton had a life just like normal people, his childhood tragedies, his mid life in college, his carrier, his politics, everything shows his life was just like us. I think this is great reading material because it's not about the (boring) theories or formula's. It's about behind the sceen story of those. Newton's life is told very simple and interesting way, so I was not bored and I think most people won't. Readers will have a chance to learn about Newton and his work in a pleasant way.

Technical Remarks:

Navigation was pretty easy. No confusion. So I don't think first time users will have any issue.
Used in course

Avatar for Karambir Kaur
9 years ago

Karambir Kaur (Student)

I found this site very interesting because I have read a lot about Newton’s Laws in my high school Physics class but I never knew his biography. It took me about an hour to read and explore Newton’s biography and his achievements and awards. This site gave a very clear picture of Sir Isaac Newton’s life and his famous achievements and Honor Awards. He was really a great guy who loved Mathematics, optics, physics, and astronomy. This site is very effective for enhancing teaching because anyone can use it for a research on Newton’s life and learn something from it. This site is very easy to use for those who have very good computer knowledge and it could be hard for the first time users because they would have to do some hunting before getting to know how to use it. For me it took a little time to explore and then I got a good hang of it.
Used in course

Avatar for Errol Picazo
10 years ago

Errol Picazo (Student)

The site on Sir Isaac Newton was very informative. I spent nearly an hour and half reading the life of Sir Isaac Newton and references to other math historians. The authors of the site emphasized Newton's life as a great historian. I read through the three parts of his life on the site. It was complete enough to understand and great reading material. The site entailed a lot of his contributions to the math world. The information was clear and not boring. The authors of the site did a great job showing Newton's amazing life and contributions to the math world. This site was interesting to read and I really like the part where it described his life from a child all the way until he went to Cambridge University as a leader. It showed Newton's life and the significance of it. I thought this site was a good site, very simple to understand. It was a good biography to read.

Technical Remarks:

I think first time users will think this site is very informative. They can learn alot from this site, since it detailed the life of Sir Isaac Newton.

Avatar for R Ruiz
13 years ago

R Ruiz (Student)

I skimmed the first part of the website and read the second half. The first
part of the article seemed rather unhelpful to me because it was more on his
personal life, rather than his contributions to the mathematical world. There
seemed to be an abundent amount of redundant information- although the picture
of the manor was interesting, it had little importance. However, at the end of
the article there is a list of areas in which he had managed to contribute to.
Clicking on these sites were much more influential in my understanding of the
actual mathematics he touched than the article.

Technical Remarks:

This site is as easy to use as the internet gets.
Used in course

Avatar for concepcion guitron
13 years ago

concepcion guitron (Student)

As I was researching topics for my Final Paper for my Math G class and I came
across Sir Isaac Newton. I spent about one hour reading about him and looking up
other related sites. I learned a lot about Sir Isaac Newton reading this site,
I learned about his life and about this family. There was also a lot of
information about his interest for mathematics and ideas. This acticle would be
a good source of information for any kind of paper or project. The material I
thought was very easy to understand. Overall Sir Isaac Newton is a very
fascinating man.
Used in course

Avatar for Marc Muniz
14 years ago

Marc Muniz (Student)

Sir Isaac Newton is obviously a fascinating man. He has been apart of many
scientific and mathematical achievements that make him a respected figure in his
areas of study. This site is basically an overview and a history of Newton?s
life. It breaks his life down in to three periods: His childhood (1643-1669),
his days as Lucasian professor at Cambridge (1669-1687), and lastly 1687 until
the day he died. This website presents a lot of information, which makes it
difficult to take in all in at one time. It does however offer a great overview
of Newton?s life and clearly explains the main achievements in it. I found that
it was necessary for me to read this article about three times, but that is only
because it is a lot of information to take in at one time. This site is useful
for not only math but for history as well. This site is an excellent source of
material and seems very creditable.

Avatar for Annie Hong
14 years ago

Annie Hong (Student)

I am doing my final paper on Astronomy so this page also caught my attention. I
printed this page out and skimmed it for about 20 minutes. I high lighted
whatever info I though might be useful to final paper. I was really surprised to
find out some stuff that I didn't know about Sir Isaac Newton. Most text books
have a lot of information on his laws and discoveries but not much about his
life as this page did. This software was really to use even for the first time.
Used in course

Avatar for Chris Cooper
14 years ago

Chris Cooper (Student)

I spent about 10min browsing. The content amount is perfect for assistance in
writing a paper. Everything that I would need to know about Newton is there in
an easy to read format. You can also hit the links if you need to go into more
detail on a certain aspect of his life, or if you need to research a particular
Used in course

Avatar for Kevin Henry
14 years ago

Kevin Henry (Student)

I spent 20 minutes reading the site on Newton. I spent time on each of the 3
parts of his life that the site listed. I thought this site was perfect for the
life of Newton, it was complete enough and at the same time wasn't dragged on
with worthless material. It described his life as a child all the way up to
when he was knighted and a learder of the University. It talked a lot on his
contributions to the math world and what he has published and how he has changed
math and science. I thought this was a good site to learn about Sir Isaac
Newton. I used this to assist on my midterm, which was about Newton. The facts
were true and backed up. I think a student can learn a lot from this site if
they are looking to learn of Newtons life and the significance ithas to the
world of math. I think first time users will get this site easily. I found it
very simple to understand, the author turned a difficult subject into one that
is quite easy to understand. I feel this was a good biography of one of the
most sifnificant mathematicians in history.
Used in course

Avatar for Anthony olmos
14 years ago

Anthony olmos (Student)

The information that I understood about the Great Sir Issac Newton was kind of
remarkable to me because of the simple fact that everyone told him one thing and
he proved another and he beileved and later proved his facts. I think that
people who challange the status quo are the ones who change the world. He did
just that and the information was very interesting. I read and read for about 30
minutes and it was very easy to navigate through and intersting to me. I
recommend everyone read this one.Issac Newton was a very interesting genuis.

Technical Remarks:

It was pretty easy to navigate through the site.
Used in course

Avatar for   Nguyen
14 years ago

Nguyen (Student)

after reading the material about Sir Isaac Newton i found the quality of the
information was very good, short simple and very to the point. it decribed
enough of his life and achievments to make for a decent report and great
history. this site as a education tool would be good and useful cause it is so
easy to use and understand the contents of the material.

Avatar for Michael Woznicki
15 years ago

Michael Woznicki (Student)

This program will be a great help for me in the future. I will be doing a report
Sir Isaac Newtoon for my math class. This program had alot of text, which is
good if you want information for a report. But, if someone just wanted to mess
around and have fun with math; I would suggest working with a different program.
The program was very easy to use, and had links for other people that effected
Isaac's life. I found the text to be interesting and educational. The profile
of Issac was well written and simple to understand.
Used in course

Avatar for Xylene Dagun
15 years ago

Xylene Dagun (Student)

I've always been impressed by the Sir Isaac Newton and what he contributed to
the world itself. I spend almost an hour reading his article and the others that
had also influenced him. I find all the materials that were provided/given very
significant to the subject. It is indeed effective to everyone learning the
life of Sir Isaac Newton...and all other mathematicians and philosophers that
had made impact in his life as well. As for first time users, there's nothing to
be confused about because this is a very friendly software; it seemed made to
enjoy exploring and learning.
Used in course

Avatar for Jason Piraro
15 years ago

Jason Piraro (Student)

i spent about 30 min on this trying to understan him. he seemed like a smart
man that gave a lot to are society. he was a very bite person. for me i had to
read over it 2-3 times tor get a better understanding of the reading.

Technical Remarks:

i think that this was hard because i do not know how to understand this reading.
Used in course

Avatar for Nhu Nguyen
15 years ago

Nhu Nguyen (Student)

The first time I heard of Newton is when I was told an interesting story about
him. An idea about gravitation was poped up in his mind when he looked at an
apple falling off the tree. This story really hooked me up. Later on, I learnt
many of his theories in physic and math at school. They are all formulas and
numbers, and they are not attracting. Thus, when I read this article, I know
more interesting things about his life and his contributions to sciences, which
I haven't learnt at school.This article is written in a coherent order, so it
doesn't take me much time to read and understand. The content is well imformed
and educational. It describes Newton as an inactive student at school. However,
he becomes the great scientist later, and he is the first one who was knighted
by the Queen for his tremendous work. That's amazing! The article also tells us
how he achieves his accomplisments, step by step, and this is exciting part to
students who want to know more about the great scientist's work. This article
includes many well known theories and discoveries of Newton such as: theory of
light and color(Newton's ring, diffraction of light), theory of universal
gravitation,three laws of motion. And through these discoveries, he can explain
a lot of unrelated phenomena like ecentric orbits of comets, tides and their
variations, motion of the Moon as perturbed by the gravity of the Sun. Finally,
this article is suitable for those who want to do a research or to learn about
life and accomplishments of Isaac Newton. Besides the article, this site also
supports lots of links to other mathematicians, math history, cross-references
to history topics, famouse curves, which are convinient for your further
reference. This site is easy to acess, and control. It loads fast and looks

Avatar for Erica Gonzales
15 years ago

Erica Gonzales (Student)

I spent about 45 min. on this site.The content was nery interesting who he made
a great deal on contribution to many different subjects of math such as
physics(the apple and the tree). I found it easy to read and it told a good
timeline of his life from his youth to his older years.

Technical Remarks:

I think this site would
be great to use in the class room weather it's giving an over view of his life
or used in project by a student. As far as using the software i think it might
be a little confusing for first time users but i think they figure it out, but i
didn't really have a problem using the software so it
Used in course

Avatar for Adam Varteressian
15 years ago

Adam Varteressian (Student)

I was on this site for about 40 min. I've heard of Sir Issac Newton before in
an astronomy class. This site gave a good over of his life and accomplishments.
It was intresting to hear he was an outcast and people thought he didn't want
learn but really he turned out to be a smart man who made many contributions.

Technical Remarks:

The site was real easy to use and that was good for me because I not real good
with computers.
Used in course

Avatar for Patricia Berry
15 years ago

Patricia Berry (Student)

I find this Biograpoh of Sir Isaac Newton very intresting and informative. I printed the story our and read it my own pace. I then when back and checked out the links to other that had influanced him. I then past on the printed one to my son who then went on to explore the Merlot site himself.
Used in course

Avatar for Sarah Marquardt
15 years ago

Sarah Marquardt (Student)

I spent about 45 min. reviewing the site. I found it very interesting because I
think what he did was great. The site did a great job going over his background,
and a good description of him.I think that this would be good info for students
to learn from.The material was easy to use. I don't use computers very much and
I seem to be doing just fine.
Used in course

Avatar for Noel Dietz
15 years ago

Noel Dietz (Student)

I spent about 90 minutes comparing Dr. Connor's extremely well written
essay to other historical texts about the life of Isaac Newton. Dr. Connor and
Professor Robertson quite correctly set the scene for Newton's career by
emphasizing his very early passion for learning. Newton did, however, show
little brilliance until he attended Cambridge University and came under the
influence of the great mathematician Isaac Barrow. He very soon began his
investigations into the composition of light and inaugurated his work on the law
of universal gravitation. This was really a culmination of the theories of
Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo, and Newton was able to piece together a coherent
set of rules for the universe. Newton set forth the basic concepts of
mechanics by elaborating the three laws of motion and he also provided the real
fundamental meaning of life by introducing his four rules of Reasoning in
This was an interesting read and Dr. Connor and Professor Robertson were
right on in their approach to showing the three distinct periods of Newton's
amazing life. I would recommend that this be presented to any math class as a
character standard for those future mathematicians willing to dedicate
themselves to Newton's philosophy.

Technical Remarks:

It is very easy to click onto Newton. It is equally easy to enjoy many
other related web sites and I would recommend "Orbits and Gravitation" and
"Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge."
Used in course

Avatar for Julie Martin
15 years ago

Julie Martin (Student)

1)I spent about 20 min reviewing this site.I found it very knowledgeable and

2)The quality of the content was very understandable and there was a lot of it.
If any one I knew needed more info on Sir Isaac Newton. I would definetely tell
them about this site.
3) I feel that using this information posted here will surely enhance
effectiveness for teaching, and students learning because there is alot of
information about Newton's life and his acheivements.
4) It was very easy for me to use this site for valuable information, so there
for I feel it would be easy for first time users such as myself.
Used in course

Avatar for Kevin Kentner
15 years ago

Kevin Kentner (Student)

I spent around 25 minutes viewing the material on Isaac Newton. The information
about his youth days were interesting and also the various things that he
studied. The information was also easy to understand and would be good for a
student. I didn't have much trouble getting into the program even though I'm
not good with computers.
Used in course

Avatar for Anthony Olmos
15 years ago

Anthony Olmos (Student)

The Information about Sir Isaac Newton was kind
of remarkable about how he was kind of an outcast of his society which most
great leaders are. He was quiet a remarkable individual. I thought the software
was easy to navigate through and made it easy on the user. I also browsed for
about 45 minutes and was just in awe of his accomplishments and the way he
challanged everything. Very inpressive site.

Avatar for   Bui
15 years ago

Bui (Student)

This was quite a long and worded article. Even though Newton?s life deserves
much recognition for his accomplishments in the field of physics and gravity, I
feel this article could have expanded on those accomplishments a little more.
Too much was included on his early childhood and his development in school.
Even though he began to get interested in mathematics after reading Euclid?s
Elements, the article spends too much time on events leading to this point. It
was interesting to read about his controversial writings and how it affected
other scientists and mathematicians at the time. After reading the article, I
found Newton to be quite a colorful and a fascinating person.

Avatar for sandra grotton
15 years ago

sandra grotton (Student)

This was an easy to read article. I loved all of the information on his interaction with other famous people in the math field of his time. Knowing what influenced his skills and passions was informative too. Even his lack of interest in school when he was younger was helpful in understanding him, along with his bouts with depression.

Avatar for Beatriz Solorio
15 years ago

Beatriz Solorio (Student)

I gave this site the highest rating because it was interesting, and fun. It was mostly history of Sir Isaac Newton, and well I love history. The information was clear and easy to fallow. One thing that I really liked was that the math didn't really go into depth and therefore it wasn't boring. It took me about an hour to read the whole site, but I didn't mind. I recommend this site to all those who like history. The site talked about Geometry, Optics, Physics, which students all over the world are using, and Sir Isaacsa?? accomplishments. I do think that first time users will find the site easy to use and follow.

Avatar for Charlotte Roberts
15 years ago

Charlotte Roberts (Student)

The overall information regarding Newton's background was enlightening. One
always wonders what goes on before a historical figure enters college. Also the
information on where Sir Isaac Newton retained his knowledge, how he was
accepted and unaccepted in society is very interesting. I did not skim this
material, I took my time reading about his childhood, education, and life

Technical Remarks:

The way that the information was provided was a little bland. If there was a
colorful background, or the information was arranged more interestingly.
Otherwise, it was highly effective in getting Sir Isaac Newton's life events
across to the reader.

Avatar for Ben Flores
16 years ago

Ben Flores (Student)

The software is extremely easy to follow. The content is around 80% of what a
freshman student needs to know about the subject.The content is also very well
conected to other related subjects. I spend around 2 minutes to learn how the
site is organize, and about thirty minutes scanning the material.
It is absolubtly awesome that as student I can have acces to so much
information, is like having five well rounded tutors ritgh on my desk at the
same time.
Isaac Newton was a remarkable man just his studies about the theory of
gravitation, is enough to make us grateful to God for him. He did'nt stop there,
his developments in calculus and his personal carreer making a very good

Avatar for   greer
16 years ago

greer (Student)

i reviewed this section for a while. i took a philosophy course earlier this
year, and this section on issac newton showed how he was interested in the
philosophy of aristotle. i found it very interesting.
the quality of this site was remarkable. i know that philosophy course would of
been easier if i knew of this page previous
the potential effectiveness for teaching is very high. this is a good tool to
and it was easy.

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16 years ago

Jonathan Cevallos (Student)

1. i had spent about an hour looking over the materials at hand.
2. The content was excellent it had so many facts on Sir Issac Newton it was
just incrediable. telling the reader more facts then what they probably thought
about what Issac Newton done.
3. it is so easy for someone to read this and if i ever needed some information
on Sir Issacc Newton this would be a good place to start.
4. for first time users it would be so easy to understand the information that
is given.

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16 years ago

Jason Belligan (Student)

I spent about 15 minutes reviwing this article on Sir Issac Newton. This was a
very informative Biography detailing his life from childhood to death. I had a
little trouble following some of the terminolgy. A good thing was the author
gives many outlets with information on these things. The information in this
site is great if your doing a report on Sir Issac Newton or if your teaching a
class about him. For first time users it may be a little hard to read, you have
to have some prior knoledge about math to understand some of the information

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16 years ago

gloria hernandez (Student)

After actually trying to link to this website, the time it took me was about 30
minutes to review this material. The information given was interesting and
full. His quotes "my best friend is truth" showing that he was a free thinker
from an early stage. It was interesting to learn how he discovered that white
light is really a mixture of different types of rays at different angles. If I
had a paper on this man I would not need any other material, its all on this
website and it is very easy to understand.

Technical Remarks:

I had a little bit of difficulties getting into the link, because I am not very
good in computers, but after doing it the first time, it was easier.

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16 years ago

Sam Oshana (Student)

For the last hour I enjoyed reading and exploring the biography of Sir Isaac
Newton. It is fascinating to know that such great scientist did not do really
well in school at first, and that his interest in Mathematics did not arrive
until later on in his life.
The article contains much valuable information about Newton, his personal life,
and his scientific journey, as well as hyperlinks to those who played a roll in
his life.
I think the article is well written, and very educational for an average reader
like me.
I also applaud the author for his smooth writing skills and the exciting style
that leads the reader from one step in Newton?s life to another. This article

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16 years ago

huynh (Student)

I took about 10 mins or so looking & reading the material. The content is
understandible that i didn't have to go to stop & look up the words i didn't
know. The potential effectiveness is clear & if anyone was doing a reserch on
Sir Isaac Newton would do a good job on their paper if they were to look at this
web site. It was easy to use the get into this site but i did have a hard time
logging in.

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16 years ago

huynh (Student)

I took about 10 mins or so looking & reading the material. The content is
understandible that i didn't have to go to stop & look up the words i didn't
know. The potential effectiveness is clear & if anyone was doing a reserch on
Sir Isaac Newton would do a good job on their paper if they were to look at this
web site. It was easy to use the get into this site but i did have a hard time
logging in.

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16 years ago

aboukhaled (Student)

I spent about one hour and half browsing this article. The material accurately
presented concepts and models that are educationally significant. If I was to
admire Isaac for what he provided the world from his knowledge and discovery, I
should admire first his uncle William Ayscough, who decided that Isaac should go
back to school after his mother took him away from school to mange her estate.
Successfully William was able to persuade the mother to enter Isaac the
university. Indeed, from here Isaac showed a great potential in physic, and
mechanical abilities.
This article had a great potential effectiveness for enhancing teaching and
learning, because it concerned historical aspects and the development of science
physic. The article was not essentially historical, because it intended to
teach the reader the facts and theories of physics. Also, it was kind of
interesting read because reading about Newton?s history life made it easier for
me to understand who was that man, what kind of family he came from, and how he
because one of the greatest geniuses in this universe.
Absolutely the quality of content accurately presented concepts and models that
was educationally significant. I really admire those people who benefited us
from hundred years ago until this day and this moment.

This time, it was easy for me to use the software cause it?s my second time.

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16 years ago

Luke Snider (Student)

I thought the information on Isaac Newton was very interesting and easy to
understand. I never knew that people at first thought that he was not that smart
or wanted to learn. That suprised me. But later on you find out that he made
heavy contributions to physics and calculus and various other forms of math.
Overall I thought it was cool and suprising.

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16 years ago

yount (Student)

I spent about 15 minutes looking at the material. It had a lot of good information that I did not know. If a student were to sit down and use this program it would help them. I was confused getting into the program at first but then I got it. But I'm terrible with computers.