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Author Jenn Cusick's Post-Secondary Peer Support Training Curriculum, an Open Education Resource (OER) textbook, is our feature in the Health Sciences showcase. 

Post-Secondary Peer Support Training Curriculum includes a facilitator's guide. This adaptable training resource covers foundational peer support training for post-secondary students with ways to respond to peers with the core values of peer support.

Peer support is an evidence-based service model used in many different sectors across British Columbia. This document includes common uses of peer support in B.C., including by health authorities and community-based organizations. We will also look at the utilization of peer support in post-secondary institutions and share some ideas and guidelines for integrating peer support into existing student service programs.

Currently, most health authorities in B.C. and several non-profits have included peer support in their service delivery for people with mental health and substance use issues. 

Though the training mentioned above was for mental health and substance use community programs, peer support is also becoming more common in workplaces. Additionally, educators may incorporate some strategies to promote a sense of belonging and encourage students. Some workplace initiatives include peer support programs for those working high-stress jobs, such as nursing and first responders. There are also peer support programs or groups in B.C. for people struggling with eating disorders and health issues, including cancer and diabetes. Cusick explains that peer-support interventions have a wide variety of applications. 

The link to Jenn Cusick's Post-Secondary Peer Support Training Curriculum  


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