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Non-text teaching materials - some interactive and possible relevant resources

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  • Advertising
    Advertising (Reference Material)
    This site contains information on developing and evaluating advertising campaigns, along with educational resources and... More
  • E-Commerce Business Ethics Case Study
    Students will explore ethical decision making and current issues in e-commerce as they follow the developments of E-Kin... More
  • Advertising Literacy
    Advertising Literacy (Presentation)
    This module is part of a general course, Media and Culture, designed to accompany a CD rom. The material presented is... More
  • Drills for Accounting Basics
    Drills for Accounting Basics (Drill and Practice)
    Drills for Accounting Basics consists of 22 topics covered in a typical Introductory Principles of Financial and... More
  • Basic Financial Statements
    This is a series of "lectures" that describe the concept of double entry accounting, the balance sheet and the income... More
  • Big Dog's Leadership Page
    Big Dog's Leadership Page (Reference Material)
    This resource provides activities that can be used in class regarding Leadership
  • Mini-cases from Lockheed Martin
    These are a series of 20 mini-cases that concern ethical dilemmas in business. The game was designed to educate the... More
  • HTML Interactive Tutorial
    This site is a great tutorial, consisting of a number of different chapters. The basic HTML tutorial explains HTML and... More
  • The Case Interview
    The Case Interview (Tutorial)
    The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) uses the "case interview" when hiring potential new consultants for their firm. This... More
  • Time Value of Money Learning Object
    This learning object combines a powerpoint presentation and video presentation of Time Value of Money basics (present... More
  • Everything International
    This excellent, well-organized collection of annotated links to international business sites is created and maintained... More
  • Today's Front Pages
    Today's Front Pages (Collection)
    The collection of 284 newspaper front pages from 37 countries offers a fascinating daily look at what is deemed worthy... More
  • Entrepreneurship Classroom Activities
    This site contains 13 classroom activities for an entrepreneurship class. In addition to background information about a... More
  • Business Ethics Cases 2
    This site has links to a variety of cases and articles concerning business ethics. The cases have questions for... More
  • Leadership Theory
    Leadership Theory (Drill and Practice)
    A single module about Leadership Theory. Since some imbedded material is on a server that changes passwords every six... More
  • Researching Your Family Tree
    This is a website that contains links to a variety of types of information about companies. Each category (such as... More
  • Baruch College Digital Media Library
    Full of excellent educational resources in video format.
  • The Global Marketplace
    The Global Marketplace (Presentation)
    This is a lecture on the global marketplace. Topics include Marketing Research, Electronic Commerce, Economics, Culture,... More
  • Lesson Plan on Culture and Globalization
    This lesson plan contains numerous activities for students to explore the spread of American culture throughout the... More
  • Financial Ratios
    Financial Ratios (Tutorial)
    This feature on ratio analysis has a variety of information and worksheets to help you to understand the key financial... More
  • Working on Common Cross-cultural Communication Challenges
    Excellent article on how to communicate effectively in a cross cultural setting. Discusses common obstacles and gives... More
  • Internet Based Marketing Readings
    This is a very comprehensive list of marketing articles in a variety of topics, from advertising to supply chain... More
  • Interviewing Styles:  Tips for Interview Approaches
    This resource is some advice for both employers and job candidates. There is a complete description of the various types... More
  • Interactive Business Simulation - Costs and Break Even Analysis
    Flash-based interactive simulation helps introduce students to the concept of business costs and break-even. Supporting... More
  • Marketing Strategy Unit for Introductory Marketing
    Information about marketing strategy for an introductory marketing course.
  • International Negotiations
    International Negotiations (Drill and Practice)
    This is a short quiz that tests one's knowledge of negotiation techniques in a variety of cultures. This could be used... More
  • Campaigns That Have Made a Difference
    For more than 60 years, the Ad Council has developed hundreds of public service advertising campaigns. The selected... More
  • Break Even Analysis Tool
    Break-Even Analysis is a financial tool that allows marketing managers to estimate how many units of a product a company... More
  • Advanced Marketing Planning
    This is a commercial site, but the presentation here could be used as a summary of marketing practices. The site... More
  • Leadership Out of the Box
    This website by David Boje at NMSU contains a teaching module called, "Leadership Out of the Box." Go to his main... More
  • Store Wars:  When Walmart Comes to Town
    This website from PBS was designed to support a film that appeared regarding how Walmart entered the town of Ashland,... More
  • Building Blocks for Teams
    Building Blocks for Teams (Presentation)
    This site was developed to demonstrate how to effectively incorporate teamwork into your courses, avoid common pitfalls... More
  • Marketing Teacher Lesson Store
    Marketing Teacher Lesson Store (Reference Material)
    Free resources on the topic of marketing.
  • Advertising: It's Everywhere
    Advertising: It's Everywhere (Drill and Practice)
    This web site explores the use of product placement in movies. Facts are provided, and products that have been placed in... More
  • Segmentation Unit for Introductory Marketing
    Information about segmentation for an introductory marketing course.
  • Carpenter Strategy Toolbox
    This site includes a wealth of information for a Business Strategy course. Included are readings for managers, cases,... More
  • Product Life Cycle
    Product Life Cycle (Quiz/Test)
    Students are first presented with a quiz on the stages of the Product Life Cycle. They then must indicate graphically... More
  • Marketing Plan Outline
    Marketing Plan Outline (Reference Material)
    This sitei provides information on how to write an abbreviated Marketing Plan to support the launch of a new product.... More
  • Consumer Culture
    Consumer Culture (Presentation)
    This module is part of a general course, Media and Culture, designed to accompany a CD rom. The material here concerns... More
  • The American Customer Satisfaction Index
    The ACSI tracks trends in customer satisfaction and provides valuable benchmarking insights of the consumer economy for... More
  • Marketing Problem Solving:  The 10 Things They Don't Teach About Marketing in College
    This site offers simple explanations for a variety of marketing issues including: Growing Sales, Segmentation Circle,... More
  • Uses of Accounting Information and the Financial Statements (Chapter 1)
    This module consists of 7 YouTube videos that coincide with Chapter 1 of the 9th edition of the Needles and Powers... More
  • How Product Placement Works
    This site provides some background on product placement in movies and television. There are a number of examples from... More
  • Present and Future Value of Money
    A time line is used to explain the value of money is determined by when it exists. The value of winning a million dollar... More
  • Buyer Behavior Unit for Introductory Marketing
    Information about segmentation for an introductory marketing course.
  • Grassroots Marketing
    This group of articles from describe businesses that have found effective ways to spread the word about their... More
  • Starting Up on a Shoestring
    Starting Up on a Shoestring (Reference Material)
    This site from links to archives for tips, strategies, and success stories of starting up on a shoestring.... More
  • BricksOrClicks Channel Conflict Simulation
    Be the CEO of a fictional toy manufacturer and manage conflicts between traditional and web distribution channels. Used... More
  • Digital Marketing Tools
    Digital Marketing Tools (Reference Material)
    Digital Marketing Tools is an interactive technical note which introduces the students to the most important techniques... More
  • Data Flow on the Internet
    This turorial is a very easy to understand, pictorial description of how packets flow across the Internet.
  • Investopedia - Your Source For Investing Education
    This site contains information on investing money. It has a stock market simulation "game" that allows users to make... More
  • The Webby Awards
    The Webby Awards (Collection)
    Presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, The Webby Awards is the preeminent honor for Web... More
  • The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
    The Public Relations Committee of the Advertising Women of New York were charged to create an awards ceremony that would... More
  • Investing Basics
    Investing Basics (Tutorial)
    This site contains a tutorial on investing basics. It covers general information as well as information on investing in... More
  • Media College
    Media College (Tutorial) is a free resource website providing educational and reference material in the field of electronic... More
  • LIB 740 : Kids Vid
    LIB 740 : Kids Vid (Reference Material)
    All the needed information to guide students (teachers)in video production:Camera work, storyboard, scripting, etc.
  • Types of Consumer Products
    This is a PowerPoint presentation that describes consumer products. Topics include classification of consumer products,... More
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly or Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources
    This web site provides guidelines on how to direct students to use the Web for research. Suggestions are directed... More
  • Media and Credit Cards
    The main objective of the unit is a 3 day lesson plan designed to enlighten students on the credit card culture in... More
  • Retail Alphabet Game
    Retail Alphabet Game (Quiz/Test)
    The retail alphabet game is a fun branding-oriented quiz presented in a puzzle-style environment. At present, there are... More
  • Creative Thinking and Lateral Thinking Techniques
    This site has training materials and exercises to help people think creatively. Techniques included here are Random... More
  • Problem Solving Techniques
    A collection of tools and techniques for solving complex problems.